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      Register and order

      Search for the products or Paste the link you have already found,Placd an order and pay.

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      Purchase and check goods

      Panli orders the goods, checks the goods, and weighs them into the warehouse.

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      Submit waybill

      Submit waybill,pay shipping and service fees.

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      Goods are packaged and weighed and shipped.

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      If you have any problems, contact our customer-service

    The best goods · Panli select for you

    • 國貨美妝大賞
    • 夏日碎花裙
    • 對你愛愛愛不完
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    Understand what you want · We understand you better

    Featured logistics · Estimate shipping fee in advance

    User evaluation · Always provide you with the best service

    Choose Panli·Easy shopping and enjoy life

    Panli is more professional

    Many e-commerce experts with senior operating experience in the field of commodity purchasing
    Advanced global logistics network and pioneering elite management team
    In 15 years, more than 5 million overseas Chinese have become Panli members
    Successfully purchased more than 50 million goods

    Panli is more safer

    Well-known payment and logistics providers provide support
    Ensure that merchandise packages are delivered to users normally from booking to packaging and transshipment
    Lost packages are paid in advance, and safety is guaranteed

    Panli is more efficient

    Complete the purchase within 16 hours of the order
    Provide 24-hour customer service
    Finish the quality inspection within 24 hours after the goods arrive
    Package delivery within 24 hours after submitting the waybill

    Panli is save money

    Ultra-low international logistics as low as 12 yuan
    Self-operated (YuGongFang) store order to enjoy discount
    Free shipping for merchants and free domestic shipping